There are different types of Horse skins in Alicia Online ranging from 1 star to 3 star skins. You'll also get a range of manes and tails

Star ratingEdit

The higher the star rating the rarer it is to breed a foul with the same coat as it's parent. A chestnut horse may take 1 breeding try, on the other hand black coats may take multiple tries.


  • Chestnut
  • bay
  • Champagne Sabino
  • Chestnut Stockings
  • Buckskin
  • Champagne
  • Leopard Appaloosa
  • Blanket Appaloosa
  • Dapple Grey
  • Chestnut Pinto
  • Soooty Bay
  • Palomino
  • Black Pinto
  • White Grey
  • Chestnut Sabino
  • Black
  • Mealy Bay
  • Amber Cream
  • Black Sabino
  • Dapple Bay

Facts: Edit

  1. Black Horses are the most popular breed on sale.
  2. Dapple Bay's are not available but can be rented.
  3. Top 3 rarest Uncommon skins in the breeding market are the Black Sabino, Amber Cream, Chestnut Sabino.